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3 October 2006

Weekend time I spend for preparing for painting the inside surface of Mini. Total surface area is an 80 square meters. I couldn't believe my calculations. How in the Earth 6,5 meter long boat could contain area for volleyball pool!?!

I was looking for mistake in my calculations almost an hour. I've measured the inside, again peace by peace, the same 80 square meters. That's crystal-clear right now! - and I thought that I work slow :) Imagine how many time you can finish the inside of 6,5 meters long boat? Painting plans: 3 layers there are prime deeply securing plywood, last 2 layers is a finishing white paint. Bright inside is a very important thing because Mini has no windows. All layers epoxy based, expensive but it is best available solution. In total 400 square meters of painting ( it is near football pool). Paint ordered... I'm starting Tuesday... all according the plan.







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